• Muay-Thai

    Muay Thai (Thai: มวยไทย, RTGS: Muai Thai, IPA: [mūɛj tʰāj]) is a combat sport from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Read More
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    In basic Muay Thai rules, Muay Thai match formally have no more than 5 rounds, each round take 3 minutes to last, with a two-minute rest period in between. Read More
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    Muay boran is an umbrella term for the unarmed martial arts of Thailand prior to the introduction of modern equipment and rules in the 1930s Read More
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Krabi Krabong


Intro:Krabi-Krabong is a martial art using traditional weapons from Thailand.


History:Krabi-Krabong is a traditional Thai martial art still practiced in Thailand. This 

tradition focuses on hand-held weapons as well as empty hand techniques. Specifically the:

  • "Krabi" (sword)
  • "Plong" (quarterstaff)
  • "Ngao" (staff with blade in the end)
  • "Daab Song Meu" (a pair of swords held in each hand)
  • "Mae Sun-Sawk" (a pair of clubs)

Although for most Thais Krabi-Krabong is a ritual to be display during festivals or at tourist venues, the art is still solemnly taught according to a 400-years-old tradition handed down from Ayutthaya's Wat PutthaiSwan. The King's elite bodyguard are trained in Krabi-Krabong; many Thai cultural observers perceive it as a "purer" tradition

Like Muay Thai of 70 years ago, modern 

Krabi-Krabong matches are held within a 

marked circle, beginning with a "Wai Kruu" ceremony and accompanied throughout by a musical ensemble. Thai boxing techniques and judo-like throws are employed in conjunction with weapons techniques. Although sharpened weapons are used, the contestants refrain from striking their opponents - the winner is decided on the basis of stamina and the technical skill displayed. Although an injured fighter may surrender, injuries do not automatically stop a match.